Jeffery Porter, CPA - Forensic Accounting Specialist

Forged CheckBanking

Bank OperationsMy areas of banking specialization include Operations, Policies and Procedures, New Accounts, Check Fraud, Check Processing and Payment, Deposit Processing and Collection, Branch Training and Administration, Uncollected and Insufficient Funds, Electronic and On Line Banking Transactions, Cashier’s Checks, Wire Transfers, Returned Items, Over the Counter Transactions, and Management/Board of Directors Duties and Responsibilities.

Checking and Banking Fraud Cases

Cases of check and bank fraud have, unfortunately, become regular occurrences across the country, and usually lead to substantial financial losses for both banks and their customers, who both have a duty to exercise reasonable care in conducting their banking affairs and handling banking transactions. My experience makes me uniquely qualified to analyze the level of care exercised by both banks and bank customers, and to identify and analyze events and issues unique to each.

Recent Bank Fraud Cases

I served as an expert in a case where a bank’s customer’s employee was successful in forging and cashing well over $100,000 in checks. The paying bank took the position that it had no responsibility for the losses suffered. However, analysis of the events and transactions supported the view that the bank did have considerable responsibility, and the jury agreed, determining that the bank was 60% responsible for the loss.

A second bank, named as a defendant in a similar forgery case, settled claims against it when analysis revealed that transactions were not posted to the customer’s account consistent with the bank’s stated practices.

Expert Witness Experience

Expert WitnessSince the early 1990s I have served as an expert in numerous cases involving banking issues. Specifically, I have spent thousands of hours analyzing literally hundreds of thousands of check and deposit transactions, together with the practices, policies and procedures of numerous banks and businesses throughout the United States. I have participated in the deposition of hundreds of witnesses, including bank tellers, new accounts representative, operations officers, branch managers, loan officers, presidents, board chairmen, and industry experts.