Jeffery Porter, CPA - Forensic Accounting Specialist

Income AnalysisEconomic Damages Analysis

Damages EstimatePreparing economic damages estimates is as much an art as a science. A damages expert needs skill, experience, and logic to gather and correctly interpret the financial and statistical data, discard the inappropriate material, and apply the correct analysis to the facts of the case. It may also be necessary for the expert to critically analyze the report of the opposing expert, and in due course, to explain and defend his own opinions.

I have served numerous times as a damages expert during arbitration, at various hearings, for depositions and at trial. My decades of accounting experience, training in economic damages estimates, and hands-on experience make me uniquely qualified to serve as your expert.

    In my practice, I am routinely asked to determine the economic damages resulting from an event or circumstance such as:

  • Personal injury or wrongful death
  • Loss of the use of a business asset
  • Fraud
  • Wrongful termination
  • Involuntary conversion
  • Lost profits




Such losses can occur from physical injuries caused by traffic or industrial accident, theft of assets, embezzlement, loss of a job, and many other events and circumstances. The loss calculations may include past and future losses for such things as wages and benefits, business profits, medical expenses, interest, and vocational training, and may require calculation of the present value of some of the losses.

My experience includes serving as a damages expert in both state and federal cases and for plaintiffs as well as defendants. I have served and testified as a damages expert in California and Florida.

My testimony, in the recent past, in a case in Florida, resulted in the defendant recovering over $746,000 in economic damages, as a result of injuries suffered in a traffic accident.


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